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Peterson Stroboclip HD Tuner

Peterson Stroboclip HD Tuner

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  • Highly accurate tuner.
  • Clip on design.
  • 1/10 cent accuracy.
  • Batteries included.
  • Works with dozens of instruments. 

One of the most accurate tuners available, the Stroboclip has levels of accuracy that other tuners just can't match. It's easy to use - just attach it to you guitar and you'll see a series of bars moving either clockwise or anti clockwise depending on if you're sharp or flat. When you're getting closer to the perfect tuning the rotation speed will slow down and it stopping completely means you're perfect. 

As you'd expect from a high quality tuner there are "Sweetened" tuning options for use with other instruments, Hz calibration, drop and capo tunings.

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