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Source Audio

Source Audio Kingmaker Fuzz

Source Audio Kingmaker Fuzz

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  • Fuzz pedal with huge ability to customise.
  • Heavy, Normal and Octave modes.
  • Drive, Level, Bass and Treble knobs.
  • Near infinite customisation is possible with the desktop editor.
  • Stereo routing possibilities. 

Like all Source Audio pedals the Kingmaker Fuzz is an incredibly good fuzz pedal which then has the ability to do even more with use of the (Free!) Neuro Desktop editor. At its core there are 3 tones - a high gain saturated fuzz, a milder responsive fuzz and am octave fuzz. These can all be further tweaked with the four knobs. Connecting to the Neuro editor gives you more options to play with, such as 40+ more fuzz and overdrive tones and the ability to drill down into specific EQ and voicing settings.

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