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Tired of all the Tubescreamer clones and want to try something a little different? Then Source Audio may interest you. Their pedals offer unparalleled amounts of customisation and many of them let you create presets through their Neuro desktop editor. This lets you create professional and unique tones of the highest quality.

Source Audio pedals all seem equally as popular, rather it’s access to the desktop editor software which is their most popular feature.

We love to see companies who are pushing the boundaries with technology. Source Audio certainly do that. It can be hard to combine the electronic knowledge of pedal design, with the software engineer requirements of app design plus all the musical knowledge required to make everything sound good! Yes their pedals cost towards the high end of the scale. But these aren’t just pedals. You have practically infinite tweakability with the Neuro software. Just look at some of the settings you can get into:


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