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Source Audio

Source Audio Ultrawave Bass

Source Audio Ultrawave Bass

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  • The Bass version of the Ultrawave.
  • Modify individual bands using the Neuro software.
  • Arpeggiator effects possible using the LFO tremolo controls.
  • 44 fuzz, overdrive and distortion types available.
  • Stereo in / out.

The pedal has a simple enough design - a Drive, Mix Level and Treble knob, plus alt and preset flick switch. However, behind all this is technology that Source Audio have been refining over the last 10 years. You'll have access to a massive amount of setting using the Neuro desktop software & app. The core of this pedal is being able to define certain parameters within up to 10 bands. When using the distortion, tremolo and compression settings, this lets you create some truly unique tones. 

Built in noise gate.

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