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Spartan Music

Spartan Music A/B Box

Spartan Music A/B Box

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  • An AB box pedal which lets you pick between 2 inputs.
  • Doesn't need a battery unless you want the LEDs to light up.
  • True bypass and build quality which doesn't add anything to your tone.
  • No loud clicks or pops when engaging.
  • Made to a high standard here in the UK with a 2 year warranty. 

The Spartan Music A/B box (also known as a line selector pedal) is a great flexible utility pedal. One of the main uses is selecting between different amps, guitars and effects at the push of a switch. It's also commonly used to remove your tuner from the signal and completely mute your tone. Designed to a high standard in the UK - it won't colour your tone at all!

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