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Walrus Audio Eras Distortion

Walrus Audio Eras Distortion

Walrus Audio Eras Distortion

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  • 5 state distortion pedal.
  • 5 different clipping modes.
  • Vol, Blend, Gain, Bass, Mode and Treb knobs.
  • Top mounted jacks.
  • True bypass construction.

A new pedal from Walrus! This the distortion version of the Ages Overdrive so as you'd expect, is higher gain. It is highly diverse and really easy to adjust everything to your pickup and amp combo. Due to the different clipping modes, it's great for everything between general rock tones to metal. The 5 modes are:

Tight mode LED hard clipping.

Tight mode silicon hard clipping.

Dual clipping mode with mid cut.

Rhythm mode with mid cut LED hard clipping.

Rhythm mode with mid cut silicon hard clipping.


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