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ZVEX Fat Fuzz Factory Vexter

ZVEX Fat Fuzz Factory Vexter

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  • New alternative version of the Fuzz Factory.
  • Features new 3 way Sub switch.
  • Standard Volume, Gate, Comp Drive and Stab knobs.
  • Sounds great on both bass and electric.
  • Made in the US.

The Fat Fuzz Factory is like the original, but with extra settings in the form of the Sub switch. It lets you get even thicker sounding fuzz tones, and a bigger bottom end, than the original. In position 1 the pedal remains the same as the original, and position 2 and 3 apply increasing amounts of bottom end. Like the original there are "right" and "wrong" settings to apply to the pedal. But luckily the instructions give you some useful settings to start off with.

Pedal Video:

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