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ZVEX Super Seek Tremolo

ZVEX Super Seek Tremolo

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  • Hand painted version - lifetime warranty. 
  • Huge amount of controls!
  • Tap / Hold switch.
  • MIDI functionality.
  • 8 programable presets.

The Super Seek is a tremolo & step sequencer pedal. The 16 knobs in the middle of the pedal are volume pots which allow you to setup complex patterns. These patterns aren't possible with other tremolos and allow you to create some really unique tremolo effects. You can pick between 1-16 steps which are then represented via the flashing LEDs. You've also got a Speed, Gliss, Tap Div / Delta, Steps / Preset knobs and another 4 flick switches to further define your sound.

Rarer hand painted version.

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