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ZVEX Vexter Box of Rock

ZVEX Vexter Box Of Rock

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ZVEX Vexter Box of Rock

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  • Zvex distortion / amp in a box pedal.
  • Simulates the Marshall JTM45.
  • Drive, Tone, Vol, and Boost knobs.
  • Loads of headroom.
  • True bypass construction.
The box of Rock gets you great sounding Marshall tones regardless of your amp, however for best results it obviously sounds most like a JTM45 through an actual Marshall. You can get a wide variety of distortion tones from crunch to overdrive to heavier distortion. This can be further modified by your volume knob . You can use the boost knob in conjunction with the distortion for an extra kick, or as a stand alone boost. Low current draw (3mA) so it should last ages on a battery!

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