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If you're anything like me, thinking of gift ideas for friends and family at Christmas time, or for birthdays, is an absolute nightmare. But if the person you're trying to buy a gift for is a guitarist then don't worry; you've actually got a ton of options!

If you're anything like me, thinking of gift ideas for friends and family at Christmas time, or for birthdays, is an absolute nightmare. But if the person you're trying to buy a gift for is a guitarist then don't worry; you've actually got a ton of options!

Your problem may be that you don't know enough about guitars, in that case, this guide is for you. We've made a list of 20 ideas below which should be suitable for guitarists of all skill levels and abilities.

Guitar Strap

The straps which come with guitars are usually as cheap as they come. Even with a guitar worth £500+, the strap may only cost £4-5. So take a peek at the guitarist's guitar you're buying for - does it look cheap? If so you can't go wrong with a strap. Check out our selection

Set of Strings

Guitar strings break all the time. You can never have too many guitar strings. If you're not sure which ones to get, just google 10s electric guitar strings. Or 12s acoustic guitar strings if you're buying for an acoustic guitarist.

A Band T Shirt

This one doesn't need much of an explanation. Who doesn't love to show off their favourite band in the form of a T-shirt?

Guitar Bag 

If you know a musician who transports their instrument for gigging / practice (or will be in the near future), a guitar bag could be a great idea. Not only does it protect against scratches and damage, it makes the instrument easier to carry as well as providing extra pockets for cables.

Strap Locks 

Do you know what's painful? Having a 6 kg guitar come loose from the strap and smash into your toes. What makes it even more painful is the possibility of a broken guitar. A simple set of strap locks can reduce the chance of this happening. So if you can sneek a look at the guitarist's guitar, check if they have a metal bit firmly holding the instrument in place. If not then strap locks could be a good gift.

Guitar Stand

If the guitar is left to stand up against the wall it can either 1. fall over and break, or 2. scratch the wall. And if you just leave it there lying on the floor then you're just asking for trouble.

Picks & Pick Holder

Guitarists can never find guitar picks when needed. At a party and want to shred some sweet riffs? No picks. At a summer time festival? No picks. Going to band practice? Yeah no picks. The trouble is they probably actually own dozens of them, so get them a pick holder keyring. Put the picks in and attach it to the key ring. Problem solved.

Guitar String Cleaner

A bit of a novelty, but a string cleaner can help keep strings sounding better, for longer. It also has the hygiene benefit of making sure the strings don't get caked in a disgusting amount of dirt too! 

Guitar Tuner

Everyone needs to keep their guitar in tune, even the pros. If you know your musican friend hasn't got a tuner then it's going to be a very much appreciated gift. Simple clip on tuners can provide great reliable tuning results too, so you don't need to spend a bomb.


Good for everyone; even a pro guitarist should never stop learning. A great site for lessons is they provide great quality lessons and have some big name guitarists providing lessons too. This makes it a great idea for beginners and pros alike.

Finger Strengthener 

When you're first starting to play the guitar finger strength is something essential. New guitarist's fingers will just be plain week. But with a strengthener it's possible to improve finder strength without actually picking up the guitar. This means a guitarist can do it anywhere.

Mini Guitar Amp

This isn't just a novelty, they're actually really fun. You can clip these small amps onto your belt and walk around with them. They run off batteries as well so there great for travelling / holidays. We sell a mini amp - it's not a Marshal stack but it's available at a great price.

Chord / Tab Book

Another great one for newbies. Having a chord book is an incredibly useful reference tool. There are also tab books, which tell you how to play songs (usually by a certain band). While these are available on the internet, tab books are usually more accurate.


Guitar slides aren't used in all genres of music, but regardless, they're still fun to experiment with. It's a case of you not knowing how cool they are until you actually own one. They are used to create smooth transitions between notes by sliding up and down the strings, as opposed to using your fingers. 

String Winder

Do you know what takes absolutely ages? Winding guitar strings. You feel like you're putting in loads of effort but accomplishing nothing. That's where a string winder comes in - it makes tuning 10 times easier. A cheap and cheerful gift. 

Guitar Pick Necklace

There's actually quite a bit of guitarist jewellery and fashion out there. Guitar pick necklaces, guitar string bracelets and other items made out of guitar items. Google it to find more. However you'll need to tailor this to the person you're buying for to make sure it fits their style.

Pick Punch

Ok let's be honest - these aren't going to make the highest quality picks known to man. They are however a really cool idea because you can essentially make a plectrum out of any thin plastic material. For example you can make one out of gift / credit cards or carton lids. A novelty? Yes. But it is pretty useful.

Guitar Care Kit

Care kits usually have a range of items which a guitarist will use to care for their guitar. This means keeping it clean and providing tools to make necessary adjustments. We sell a guitar gauge which is part of a kit. It's good for taking various measurements. If you know the person you're buying for sets up their guitar, then it's another option. 


Similar to guitar picks - it's always a good idea to have a spare guitar cable. They're something which guitarists find can wear out or get lost pretty frequently. So it's a safe idea for a gift. We've got a great quality guitar cable with a lifetime guarantee.

Guitar Phone Mount

More and more great apps are being released which can benefit guitarists. Nearly all guitarists at some point will look up guitar tabs (tabs tell you how to play songs). This is where a guitar mount can come in handy. It essentially clips onto the head of a guitar so it can hold a smart phone without needing anyone to hold it. 

You'll see a lot of other tempting offer out there, like guitar pedals. However the problem with pedals is that you'll need to know a little bit about playing the guitar yourself to actually know what you're buying. So it's best to stick with the above ideas unless you've after a specific pedal.


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