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Caline CP-36 Big Dipper

Caline CP-36 Big Dipper

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  • Pitch shifter / detune pedal from Caline.
  • A ton of options.
  • Up to ±2 octaves.
  • Upper / Detune / Lower 3 way selector switch.
  • Wet and Dry knobs.

The CP-36 Pitch Shifter is a new pedal from Caline with a boatload of options which allow you to get practically any pitch or octave sound you're after. Great with single notes and chords alike.

The wet and dry knobs allow you to blend the original signal vs the new harmonic signal. The detune mode on the selector ranges from -15 to +25 cents and again can be a subtle to "experimental" sounding effect depending on the settings.

True bypass like all Caline pedals. Takes a 9v power supply.

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