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Caline CP-39 "The Noise"

Caline CP-39 "The Noise"

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  • Noise gate pedal from Caline.
  • Removes unwanted noise in your pedal chain.
  • Sensitivity control plus two way “Hard/Soft” switch
  • Runs off a 9v power supply.
  • True bypass.

Yet another great pedal from Caline! The Noise CP-39 is a noise gate pedal which can help reduce the noise hum and buzz of other pedals (especially high gain distortion) in your pedal chain.

There are two main controls. The sensitivity control dictates the level when the noise gate kicks in. At higher settings anything below aggressive strumming will be cut. The two way selector switch controls if the gate kicks in aggressively switch a steep volume cut, or more softly with a gradual cut. 

Runs off a 9v power supply.

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