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Caline CP-40 Acoustic Preamp DI Box

Caline CP-40 Acoustic Preamp DI Box

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  • A DI box designed for recording acoustic guitar.
  • Input, Feedback, Bass and Treble knobs.
  • Anti Feedback and Treble boost footswitch.
  • Input clip LED.
  • Runs off 9v power supply or battery.

Perfect for recording acoustic guitar with just enough features to make necessary adjustments to your tone with the mini EQ / Boost. The XLR input and anti feedback make recording much easier. Also The input clip light is a great tool for displaying when the tone is clipping and will record as distorted. Ideally this light shouldn't be flashing much / at all during recording.

A further boost bottom end is achievable using the treble boost.

You can use a battery using the included adapter - the battery doesn't fit inside the unit. A simple unit but with great utility.

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