Caline CP-48 Honeycomb



Sold Out

  • Acoustic multi effects pedal.
  • Reverb / delay, Chorus and Gain.
  • Normal / bright modes.
  • XLR and AUX.
  • 2 band EQ.

All the essential effects for playing your acoustic! It has reverb / delay, chorus and gain all designed to work really well with each other and available in one handy unit. The gain works really well for thickening up your acoustic sound and the normal / bright foot switch both alters the tone into different usable tones. Notch is great for if you're having feedback in a live situation and can be a real life saver. The chorus is very musical and natural sounding and pairs well with the acoustic tones as do the delay and reverb. These two effects can be activated one at a time but not together.

It's perfect if you want to start experimenting with acoustic effects for the first time and can be used for recording with the DI input too. The AUX input on the back means you can play along to your favourite tracks which will then be played through your amp.

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