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Caline CP-507 Mariana Reverb

Caline CP-507 Mariana Reverb

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  • Multi mode modulate reverb.
  • 7 different reverbs to try out. 
  • A, B and C knobs with different functions depending on mode.
  • Functions described at bottom of pedal.
  • Takes a 9v power supply. 100mA current draw.

The Mariana crams 7 unique, fun but usable modulated reverb tones into one pedal. You can get pitch shifted reverb, highly modulated, subtle modulation, flanged reverb, vibrato reverb and long decay reverb. The can then be modified further using the versatile A, B and C letting you control a range of functions such as Decay, Mix, Pitch, Rate, Width and EQ depending on the current mode. You get a massive amount of different reverb tones for the price!

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