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Caline CP-53 Voodoo Octave Fuzzy Faace

Caline CP-53 Voodoo Octave Fuzzy Faace

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  • Octave Fuzz pedal.
  • Great sounding fuzz pedal but with an octave control.
  • Normal and Mid Cut control.
  • Infulenced by the Fulltone Ultimate Octave.
  • True bypass.

The CP-53 is a combined fuzz and octave pedal. You can activate fuzz with the True Bypass switch, and then activate the octave with Octave Up switch. This can create some very aggressive sounding tones. You can also use the Mid Cut toggle switch in conjunction with Fuzz, Tone and Volume to further modify the sound of the pedal.

Takes a 9v power supply or battery using the external lead. Like all Caline pedals the Fuzzy Faace is true bypass and built from durable metal.

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