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Caline CP-55 Central Station American Sound Amp Sim

Caline CP-55 Central Station American Sound Amp Sim

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  • Amp simulator pedal from Caline.
  • New pedal from Caline which simulates the Classic Fender 57 Deluxe amp.
  • Loads of controls to modify the sound.
  • Built in EQ.
  • True bypass and durable construction.

The CP-55 can emulate those amazing tube-y clean and dirtier crunch sounds of the Deluxe Amp. You have a massive 6 controls to play with - Low, Mid, High, Level, Voice and Drive.

You can also use this pedal as a direct feed to the PA or mixing desk similar to a DI box.

The Central Station American Sound has a durable metal enclose and it fully true bypass. Takes a 9v power supply or battery via the included external wire. 

Pedal Video:

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