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Caline CP-56 AC Tone Midlander Amp Sim



  • Amp sim effects pedal.
  • Replicates the tone of the classic Vox AC30 amp.
  • Massive 6 controls to get the sound you're looking for.
  • 3 EQ knobs
  • Durable metal construction with true bypass.


The AC Tone Midlander isn't just a standard overdrive or distortion pedal. It's a pedal which aims to recreate the sound of the Vox AC 30 style amp. It also has the advantage of being able to run it directly into a mixing desk or PA system. The Low, Mid and High controls give you a great amount of EQ control and when combined with Volume, Voice and Drive it really lets you dial in some great sounding tones. It also plays equally well with other pedals as or as a stand alone.

Takes a 9v power supply or battery using the included external cable. True bypass construction.



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