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Caline CP-57 California Sound Center Line Amp Sim

Caline CP-57 California Sound Center Line Amp Sim

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  • Amp simulator pedal from Caline.
  • Simulates the Mesa Boogie MK amp.
  • 5 controls to modify the sound.
  • Vintage high gain.
  • True bypass and strong durable construction.

The CP-57 is great if you're looking for the classic high gain tone of the early Mesa Boogie amplifiers. Can go from heavier dirty distortion, to natural and warm tones. With all the control you've got a good amount of choice to find tune your sound. There's the Low, Mid and High EQ along with the Vol and Drive controls.

This pedal is also great for recording - working well with sound cards and mixing board. You can also feed it into a PA. The California Sound has a true bypass metal construction. 

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