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Caline CP-58 British Sound Summit Amp Sim

Caline CP-58 British Sound Summit Amp Sim

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  • Amp simulator effects pedal.
  • Simulates the early Marshall amps.
  • Massive 6 knobs to make all the tweaks you need.
  • 3 EQ knobs.
  • Durable metal construction with true bypass wiring.

CP58 is designed to simulate those vintage Marshall amps with their distinctive powerful mids. The massive amount of knobs - Low, Mid, High, Volume, Voice, Drive allow you to have a great deal of flexibility when it comes to shaping your tone. You can even use this pedal direct to your recording setup or PA system as well as using it as a standard pedal.

It has a very durable metal construction and will be fine if used when gigging. Takes a 9v power supply or a battery using the included cable.


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