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Pedal - Caline CP-60 Wine Cellar

Caline CP-60 Wine Cellar

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  • Versatile bass pedal.
  • EQ, DI as well as drive.
  • XLR input for recording and live gigs.
  • Emulates classical tube amps.
  • True bypass.

At last, another bass pedal from Caline! This one is a bit of a Swiss army knife and is really good to have whatever you play for - to record, to gig, or just to practice. It's an amp / cabinet simulator which emulates early tube bass amps. Along with the Low, High and Harmonics knobs this gives you a good amount of control over your sound. A range of great tones from very clean to heavier / rock. 

However it also has the XLR input which are great for recording and live shows so it fills the purpose of a DI pedal really well too. 

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