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Caline DCP-05 Key West Compressor Overdrive

Caline DCP-05 Key West Compressor Overdrive

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  • Compressor and overdrive pedal.
  • A range of controls for adjusting your tone.
  • Based on the Caline CP-47 Pressure Tank and a Zendrive.
  • Tone, Voice, Vol, Gain / EQ, Comp Vol.
  • Use together or separately via 2 foot switches.

Unlike the other pedals in the DCP range, the Key West introduces a new non existing overdrive which Caline haven't covered before. It's based on the Zendrive (which itself is based on a Dumble amp). The Caline CP-47 is based on a Diamond comp. This gives you a great combo of a fantastic sounding overdrive combined with the tweakability and boost options of the compression. This means it's easy to find a specific sweet spot, regardless of your specific guitar and amp setup.

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