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Caline DCP-09 Tigershark Gate Distortion

Caline DCP-09 Tigershark Gate Distortion

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  • Heavy distortion plus noise gate.
  • Based on the Caline CP-77 and CP-39.
  • Classic / Extreme foot switch.
  • Noise, Vol, Mid, Dist knobs.
  • Great for modern metal and heavier rock tones.

The Tigershark DCP-9 (we think DCP stands for Double Caline Pedal!) is two great Caine pedals in one convenient unit. It's based on the great CP-39 Noise Gate and the CP-77 Bounty Hunter Distortion. There are two main distortion modes - Extreme gives you a modern high gain sound while Classic adds a touch of compression. These combined effects are great for a range of metal tones, especially the tight and precise modern tones. But it's still great for classic metal too as the gate functions to clean up your sound. 

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