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Caline DCP-10 Stella EQ Compressor

Caline DCP-10 Stella EQ Compressor

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  • Bass and compressor pedal.
  • Based on the Caline CP-73 EQ and CP-47 compressor.
  • Great tone shaping options.
  • 5 band EQ + Level, EQ, Comp and Vol knobs.
  • Sounds great with both bass and guitar.

The Stella is an EQ and Compressor pedal which sounds great with bass and guitar alike. The EQ covers the 62.5k, 125k, 500k, 1k and 4k bands. Each band delivers ±18 of boost or cut. The compressor is based on the classic Diamond comp which can give you a range of options. It has a Volume, EQ and Comp which let you go from light to heavy compression. It works great at the start of your chain, forming the base and core tone for which to place other effects. You can use EQ AND / OR compression.

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