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Caline DCP-11 Andes Boost Overdrive

Caline DCP-11 Andes Boost Overdrive

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  • Boost and overdrive in one pedal.
  • Based on the Caline CP-97 and CP-12.
  • Gain, Boost + Bass, Treble and Vol knobs.
  • Voice foot switch to control the order.
  • Durable metal construction with true bypass.

The Andes takes one of Caline's best selling pedals, the CP-12 Pure Sky overdrive and combines it with the CP-97 Villain boost. This is all available in one space saving unit with the added bonus of being able to control the order of the pedals. So you can go boost into overdrive or overdrive into boost. You can also use both effects individually. The CP-12 is based on a Paul Cochrane Timmy, and combined with the boost (+20dB), Treble and Bass on the Andes, it gives you a great range of tone shaping options. 

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