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Singular Sound

Singular Sound Aeros Loop Studio

Singular Sound Aeros Loop Studio

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  • Loop pedal with touch screen display.
  • 6 tracks available. 
  • Stereo, MIDI and expression functionality.
  • 3h of recording time upgradable to 48h.
  • WIFI / bluetooth updates.

The Aeros Loop Studio is something new and a bit different in the world of loopers. It takes standard looper functionality and combines it with the best parts of studio and software based looping. This means it's very easy to put down several instruments in one track. Despite its feature rich design, it's still very easy to use and certainly not for "pros only".

It's also fully compatible with the Beatbuddy drum pedals, has simultaneous sequential as well as parallel looping, and is constantly being updated via the firmware. 

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