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Source Audio

Source Audio Gemini Chorus

Source Audio Gemini Chorus

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  • Chorus pedal which has unparalleled customisation options.
  • Dual, Classic and Quad modes.
  • Depth, Speed, Mix and Tone knobs.
  • Use with the Neuro desktop editor.
  • Stereo inputs and outputs. 

The Gemini Chorus is a great base chorus pedal which has the option for a great deal of customisation with the Neuro desktop editor. In relation to the 3 modes, Dual is smooth and thick sounding, Classic has more subtlety to in and Quad is 80s experimental style. Using the controls further control can be had over these modes. The pedal really comes into its own when you use the software - you can access loads more settings and presets. It's even possible to share your own.

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