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Source Audio

Source Audio Soleman MIDI Controller

Source Audio Soleman MIDI Controller

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  • Control MIDI pedals (not just Source Audio).
  • Two MIDI outputs.
  • USB - MIDI interface.
  • Expresion pedal functionality
  • MIDI cables required.

The Soleman is designed to control the MIDI functionality of Source Audio pedals via the Neuro Hub. It can send program change messages so you can quickly change a range of scenes. Please note you will need a MIDI cable to connect to the Neuro hub.

It also has two MIDI outputs which can become even more with a MIDI splitter allowing you to use other (non Source) pedals with MIDI functionality.

There are 3 main modes - Scene (output PC messages), List (arrange scenes) and Panel (send customised messages to the 4 foot switches). Power supply included.

Pedal Video:

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