Source Audio Spectrum Intelligent Filter



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  • Innovative pedal from Source Audio.
  • Crazy funk machine!
  • Create your own tones with the app.
  • 6 built in presets with plenty more which can be downloaded.
  • 25 filters with dozens of different wave shapes.
  • True bypass.

This pedal needs to be seen to be believed. Seriously, go onto youtube and check out some videos. You have nearly infinite synth like tones at your disposal. It's great out of the box but if you really want to have a pedal you can always do new stuff with, this is the one. With use of the software you can create your own tones as well as look at the community made ones.

It has four main knobs with alt controls which are toggled as well as a 3 way selector. Also there are 2 inputs, 2 outputs control input and a usb (for use with the software).

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