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Wampler Plexi Drive Mini

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Wampler Plexi Drive Mini

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  • Wampler's classic plexi pedal in a small enclosure.
  • British distortion tones.
  • Great potential for tone sculpting despite small footprint.
  • Gain, Volume and Tone knobs.
  • Bass and Mids flick switches.

An excellent scaled down version of the Plexi Deluxe. While it doesn't have the boost and EQ controls of the deluxe, it does have the excellent Plexi style tone as well as the addition of a mids switch (which the deluxe doesn't have). In combination with the Bass Boost switch it allows you to get close to the EQ control of the Deluxe, but taking up considerably less space. Takes either a 9 or 18v power supply, but not batteries due to its small size.

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