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Source Audio

Source Audio EQ2

Source Audio EQ2

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  • Digital EQ pedal - updated version of the SA170.
  • 8 saveable preset.
  • ±dB 18 boost and cut.
  • Auto scroll for tremolo type effects.
  • Durable true bypass construction.

The Source Audio SA270 EQ2 pedal is a big improvement over the original. This version has more bands (10), stereo functionality, parametric controls, 8 presets, mini-in and a space saving tuner. As you'd expect you can adjust the EQ range ±dB for the bands. However it also is MIDI controllable, has 12dB of clean boost and has a scroll function to cycle through your settings. Each turn of the central knob will give you ±1dB. So don't worry - even though there are 5 lights representing the EQ band on the image, you can adjust within this range aided by a darkening / lightening LED.

Save your setting in one of 8 slots for easy use.

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